Are you creating or evolving your business brand?

If so, you’ll love these five free tools that are easy and fun to use.


1 – Pinterest

I admit it, I’m a Pinterest addict. And when I’m on Pinterest, I love to look at brand boards.

Brand boards are at-a-glance documents that show a company or brand’s visual elements, such as colors, patterns, and logos. By pinning boards that resonate for you, you are visually editing your own preferred brand vibe.

If you find yourself going through a brand makeover like I did recently and you’re working with a designer, you’re probably going to have to create one to translate your style visually. But when you look at brand boards or websites you love, you may want a little more info.


2 – What Font

Have you ever looked at a website, started crushing on a font, and wondered how you could get its name? What Font tells you. A free browser extension for Chrome, you simply click on the icon and move your mouse to a word. See font, size, spacing and more.


3 – What The Font

Or maybe you come across a font that can’t be read by What Font. Head on over to What The Font. You can upload a screen grab of a word from the page. If the online tool can’t help you, one of WTF’s stellar font specialists very likely can.


4 – ColorZilla

Or maybe you’re on a website and see a color you love and want to share with your graphic designer. With ColorZilla, there’s no more driving your designer crazy with feedback like, “Can you make that green greener? That blue more ocean-y? That pink more like these flowers that grow by my house that you’ve never seen but I can totally send you a picture of?” Just click your mouse on the color you love, and you get the exact hex codes and your graphic designer’s love.


5 – Way Back Machine

Want to see the evolution of your favorite entrepreneurs’ brands? Just stick the URL into Way Back Machine to see years worth of iterations. Another benefit – you can archive your own website.

Representing your brand values aesthetically and defining your online vibe can involve a lot of brainstorming and soul-searching. (I should know.)

Translating who you are and what you stand for into images, colors, fonts and graphics? That takes a lot of thoughtful intention, too.

But with these 5 free online tools, putting your vision into visuals will be easier than ever.


Now It’s Your Turn

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What are your favorite brand tools?

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