Business Brass Tacks.
MBA street cred.
Compulsive high-fiver.
  • Do you have a burning desire to be your own boss, do something you love, and build something you're really proud of?
  • Do you have a vision of the business and life you want to create, but are stuck on how to actually make it happen?
  • Do you want the support of an experienced, effective coach to cheer you on, shorten your learning curve, and keep you accountable?

You're in the right place.

I'm Wendy


I help smart women (like you!) turn their passions
into profitable businesses.

The only problem? You're stuck.

You’re not sure if your idea can actually make money.  You’re second guessing what you should do next, when.  You’re not getting the leads - or customers - you need to actually make a profit.

You feel frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed.

And you need help.

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That's where

You Get Business

comes in.

You Get Business® offers flexible, fun, and highly effective online business training for women. With our top-notch training, weekly live coaching, and personalized, rapid-fire feedback and support, you’ll learn a proven framework to validate your business idea, identify your target market and why they need you, and develop a plan to attract, woo + win them as paying customers.

The results?


You'll gain

Clarity, confidence +
the mentorship you're craving,

making you more than capable to bring your business vision to life, with a strong foundation
for profitable growth.


(And really, who doesn't like making a new friend?)

1.   I work with people all over the world, but Iive in Portland, where we like to keep it weird and wonderful. I love my hometown for its fab food scene, pretty parks, and artsy attitude. And I can often be found having my “power meetings” in one of the many cozy, cool cafés across the city.
2.   I’m a committed partner and mama to the brightest ten-year-old in existence. (She’s a total joy, and invents the best bath time pop songs.)
3.   I’m an introvert but always pegged as an extrovert. (Except by my husband, an extreme extrovert, who knows better.)
4.   I’m an interior design junkie. My fixes are Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful and Pinterest. I pin under a silly, secret name.
5.   I love my fun family and embarking on adventures with them. So far, we've hit Canada, the Czech Republic, China, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, and Thailand... And we've got a long list still to conquer. I'm an airline miles maven and Airbnb ninja and love to explore the nooks and crannies of the local neighborhoods.

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