You probably know that I teach business foundations at both a local university and at a local non-profit, in addition to mentoring early-stage women entrepreneurs through my online program She Gets Business. I’ve also served as an ad hoc business coach to a variety of early-stage companies and their founders – and even invested in a few myself.

In my line of work, there’s one thing I see again and again – my students and clients feel deeply passionate about an idea they want to bring to market.   But not all ideas are great ones, and it’s hard to know if your idea can be profitable unless you’ve done some very important groundwork.


So how DO you know if your business can actually make money?

That’s exactly what we covered at Portland Radio’s Project’s newest podcast series, Biz503, hosted by

  • Rebecca Webb, the founder of Portland Radio Project, and by
  • Kedma Ough, the director of Oregon’s Small Business Development Center (with 50k twitter followers – hello!)

and featuring

  • Angela Jackson, the co-managing director of the Portland Seed Fund and the director of the PSU Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Accelerator
  • Rick Turoczy, the co-founder of the Portland Incubator Project (PIE) and the founder of Silicon Florist (and a bunch of other stuff)
  • And yours truly


Here’s what we cover:

  • What do you need to know BEFORE you start your business
  • How can you validate your business idea – without going broke
  • If you’re looking for funding, what funders look for before they say yes
  • And so much more




Whether you’re a one-person shop or visualize building a mega-biz, there’s entrepreneurial gold in here, people!

To you and your business-building!