"Wendy is a supportive superstar business coach... I now have more focus, clarity, and confidence."

Mara Zepeda

Mara Zepeda

@ Switchboard


In my time as an entrepreneur I've noticed that women build businesses differently. Wendy is exceptional at turning this unique path to scale, marking, and profitability into an asset, not a liability. Drawing on her years of expertise, she guides founders towards on a clear path forward while respecting and incorporating a founder’s vision and values. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Gayvin Powers

Author of The Adventures of Iona Fay Series


Before I joined this class, I didn’t have a clear plan of how to market my business, grow my target audience, and make more sales.  Now, I have a new understanding of modern marketing strategies and tools I can apply directly to my business.  I also feel really supported, both by Wendy as my coach and through the other women in the community.


Avery Hill Bicknell

Founder @ Song by Song TM


This class exceeded my expectations.   I got real clarity on how to make my idea a real business, with multiple streams of income and a more comprehensive brand that I could go further with. I also really connecting with the other women in the classroom for a sense of community and support.

Tracey Gobe

Tracey Gobey

Chief Bosslady & Creative Hustler
@ The Bootstrap Assembly


Wendy has a knack for breaking things down and giving you the clear and actionable steps to get you going on your journey - not only making plans, but sticking to them! She's the real deal. Compassionate, thoughtful and full of business and startup how-tos! She has my vote if you need someone to help you pave the way in your new business venture.

Toya Gavin

Toya Gavin, Esq.

Attorney and CEO @ Legally Bold


As an attorney, I'm trained in the law but not in business. Thankfully, I sat next to Wendy at a conference a few years ago. In our 5 to 10 minute conversations between breaks, Wendy gave me insightful business advice and has been my go-to advisor for business decisions ever since.


Candice Smith

Founder @ Caregiven


Wendy’s guidance and encouragement is a soul prompt that keeps me moving forward and committed to turning my vision into action.  Through this program, I’ve gained new skills and have a new sense of energy around what’s possible for my business. Wendy’s expertise is worth its weight in gold.


Sheridan Fields

Marketing Maven


Wendy’s style is flexible, approachable and grounded.  She expertly guides her students through the obstacle course of setting up a new business, saving them time and effort from going it alone.  She also shares a robust toolkit of best practices, shortcuts, and tools gained from years of practical experience. In short: highly recommended!

Linda Weston

Linda Weston

Former Executive Director
@ Oregon Entrepreneurs Network


Wendy is an experienced, effective coach who provides valuable guidance for early-stage entrepreneurs. As an added bonus, she's fun to work with!

Connie Holen

Connie Holen

Digital Designer & Website Strategist
@ Pixality Design


Wendy is a passionate professional who really gets new business owners, is full of ideas and has the energy to implement them. She has a keen eye for branding, puts her heart into her work and is an excellent communicator.

splash_abby-EDITED (1)

Abby Kindrick



For years, I’ve been dreaming about starting my own art-related business but had no idea how to start.  A lack of confidence and know-how also kept me from trying.  I now have the courage to move forward, and a trusted mentor help guide the way.


Ann Niles

Clinical Psychologist


Wendy is so supportive and meets me 'where I am'.  She is a great mentor and her mantras are helping me to continue and redesign my route as needed.  Her feedback, listening skills, and understanding of technology and marketing are top notch, and her warm and nurturing virtual bear hugs makes me feel like I’m not alone. Thank you so much, Wendy!


Anna Mallon

@ ACM Works


You Get Business is a powerful springboard for first-time entrepreneurs offering a distinctly easy to follow and encouraging teaching style with carefully curated materials tailored for the newbie female entrepreneur.

Jul's Arthur

Jul’s Arthur

Personal Organizing Coach


Wendy is a supportive superstar business coach. She quickly saw the big picture for my business and helped me see it, too. She helped me define actionable steps to uplevel and grow my business. I now have more focus, clarity, and confidence.

splash_nicole-EDITED (1)

Nicole Stewart

Owner @ Nicole To The Rescue


In just a few short months, I’ve gained clarity, increased confidence, and so much encouragement!  I’m learning so much, and Wendy’s gentle, loving nudges keeps me accountable and moving forward on my path of starting my own dream business.


Cassandra Kennedy

Owner @ Cassandra Kennedy Beauty + Fate Beauty Society


Don’t be fooled by the fun, casual brand vibe - Wendy really knows her stuff and is a total pro.  Working with Wendy immediately helped me make better business decisions with her straightforward and easy to understand approach. She took a look at my big challenges and laid out very specific next steps within minutes. She is the perfect guide as I journey through the obstacle course that is small business ownership.


Jolita Abromaityte

Co-founder @ Jolita Jewelry + Social Media Wonder Woman @ Jolita Social


I loved this training and coaching! At first, my intention was to take my new business idea further. But what happened was much much better! By asking hard questions I realized that my idea didn’t align with what I’m really passionate about. I now have more clarity and confidence, and a framework for developing a new idea that I’m totally excited about.


Christine Enderby

Co-Founder and CEO
@ Nuzzle Mom


Wendy’s awesome energy is contagious! Wendy’s a masterful mentor that gracefully guided me to sharpen my message and get clarity on my business objectives. So refreshing to work with her and have her shining light in my life!

splash_kathy-EDITED (1)

Kathy Johnson

Owner @ Farm Maid Soap + Oregon Cannabis Commissary Kitchen


Wendy knows her stuff and she has real empathy for her students.  Her classes are effective, full of great info, and fun. By taking her class, I was able to map a clear plan for my business idea, and easily convert it into a pitch deck for investors.  With her guidance and support, my overwhelm turned into action. Thanks, Wendy!


Jocasta Norman

Digital Marketing Strategist @ I Need A Genie


Wendy knows her stuff, really cares about her students, and is passionate about helping others succeed.  The classroom materials are fab, and the online classroom is beautiful and easy to use. As an added bonus, her coaching and mentoring adds a layer of accountability that we business-builders so often need.  If you're ready to go pro, she's your woman.


Christine LaPorte

Owner @ PDX Career Coach


Wendy provided the clear steps and structure I needed to stay on track and gather all of the information for a cohesive plan. Her knowledge and enthusiasm were invaluable assets in propelling me from stuck to success.

Julie Hartwell

Julie Hartwell

CEO and Co-Founder
@ Flashtag Photo

Wendy helped me ask the hard questions for my business, and pushed me to think outside the box. Working with Wendy gave me inspiration, increased confidence, and even more motivation to be the best CEO I can be.